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New Fish Stock (29th September 2017)
Ultra Aquatics

We’ve had a nice delivery of new fish and clean-up crew this week, here’s a video of some of the fish!

Some of the featured fish are Multicolour Angel, Pyramid Butterflyfish, Wreckfish, Yellow Boxfish, Chalk Goby, Pink Spot Goby, Keyhole Angel, Yellow Tang, Regal Tang, Purple Tang and many others!

We quarantine our fish for at last a week before we let them go to their forever home, we only sell our fish once they are eating well and we know they are healthy.

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Free Tank Mount With Ecotech Radion Pro Lights
Ultra Aquatics

We’ve got a very limited offer on this month!

Get a free RMS mount with a Ecotech Radion XR15W Pro (saving £79) or XR30W Pro (saving £89.)

The offer is limited to only two units of each light. First come, first served!

The EcoTech Radion G4 features a whole new cluster of LEDs. The rebalancing of proven colors combined with the addition of warm white and violet,

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New Fish Stock (15th June 2017)
Ultra Aquatics

We’ve had a large delivery of new fish this week, here are some of the highlights :

  • Aiptasia Eating Filefish
  • Algae Blenny
  • Bellus Angel
  • Carberryi Anthias
  • Red Firefish
  • Harlequin Tusk
  • Hi Fin Spangle Goby
  • Jade Wrasse
  • Lavender Tang
  • Lemon Peel Angel
  • Longnose Butterflyfish
  • Orange Saddle Wrasse
  • Orange Spot Goby
  • Powder Blue Tang
  • Purple Tang
  • Scooter Blenny
  • Skunk Tile Goby
  • Sunface Damsel
  • Yellow Tang

Remember we quarantine our fish for at last a week before we let them go to their forever home,

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Aussie Corals Inbound!  (New Stock, 13th June 2017)
Ultra Aquatics

We’ve got a delivery of Australian corals coming in this week, Acanthastrea sp, Acanthastrea Bowerbanki (now Homophyllia Bowerbanki), Trachyphyllia geoffroyi (Open Brain Coral), Scolymia (Donut Coral), Euphyllia divisa (Frogspawn), Fungia (Plates) and a bunch of frags.

They’ll be available in store in Thursday, and if anything catches your eye, let us know and we’ll reserve it!

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Pip and Pru, Our Clowns, Have Spawned
Ultra Aquatics

In store, we’ve had a Red Sea Max Nano set up for a few months, with a couple of clownfish, Pip and Pru, and three nems.

Yesterday, we noticed that the male wasn’t in his usual place, nestled in a nem. It turns out he was behind the large green nem, looking after a clutch of eggs! Here’s a few photos from the tank :

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You like frags, we like frags!
Ultra Aquatics

Gorgeous acans, favias, war corals, candy canes and Aussie blastos. Prices start from £2, acans from £5, blastos from £7.50, great sized favias from £15.

#somethingforeveryone at Ultra Aquatics.

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