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Care Information

Acclimatising your livestock

Don’t add water from the bag into your tank

From time-to-time, we add treatments to our systems, including treatments which are extremely toxic to invertebrates.
Do not pour the water from the bag into your tank.


Please ensure your new fish is compatible with your existing livestock, especially any corals you might have.

Sensitive Species

Some fish are extremely sensitive to changes in salinity and other water quality parameters.
If in doubt, please ask a member of staff before introducing the fish.


These recommendations go a little further than the OATA recommendations on the bag your fish comes home in. We find that a gentle introduction into their new home reduces the stress on the fish, gives it the very best chance to thrive.

  1. After getting home, make the room that your aquarium is in as dark as possible, including turning off your aquarium lights.
  2. Float the bag in your tank for 30 minutes to allow the temperature to equalise.
  3. Open the bag and without letting any water out into your tank, pour a small amount of your tank water into the bag. Every 5 minutes, add another small amount of your tank water into the bag, removing some water from the bag if necessary. The idea is to slowly replace the water in the bag with your tank water, so the fish slowly acclimatises to your water parameters.
  4. Using a net, catch the fish in the bag, and release the fish into your tank. Keep the aquarium lights off for a few hours after introducing the fish.
  5. Monitor your new fish for the first couple of weeks, paying particular attention to the quality of the water, especially if the tank is a relatively new setup. Test for ammonia if applicable.
  6. If at any time you have any concerns or questions, please contact Ultra Aquatics.