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Seneye Reef Pack

Seneye Reef Pack


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The Seneye Reef Pack has everything you need to monitor pH, ammonia, temperature and power cuts from anywhere.


Product Description

The Seneye Reef Pack has everything you need to get monitoring your aquarium through the internet.

Contents include:

  • Seneye Reef
  • Seneye Web Server (Wifi)
  • Seneye DRi

Seneye Reef

With the Seneye Reef you can continuously monitor and analyse key life-critical parameters in your saltwater aquarium to ensure that your corals and fish thrive. You can automatically receive alerts before conditions become toxic, giving you time to fix the problem without losing your fish. The integrated PAR, LUX, and Kelvin meter allows you to ensure that your lighting conditions are optimal, so your corals thrive and appear vivid.

As the seneye devices are USB there are multiple connection options available. When connected to the power adaptor, readings are stored every hour and flashing lights on the device indicate if there is a problem. Readings are stored for 35 days and are automatically uploaded once reconnected to a PC.

Seneye Web Server (Wifi)

The Seneye Web Server with Wifi module removes the need for a PC altogether and allows wireless connection from your Seneye device to your router,

The uploads will be automatic, which will make them faster and more stable, there are also a few additional alerts such as power (or lost connection) monitoring. The Seneye Web Server will upload the data from your Seneye Reef without the need for a PC in the house.

You will then be able to view all your readings from a computer (PC/Mac), tablet or smart phone from anywhere in the world via the Seneye Cloud.

Seneye DRi

The Seneye DRi is a waterproof connection box that allows you to keep your electrical connections safe and tidy. Best of all there is no need for rewiring or expensive electricians. DRi is ideal for both ponds and aquariums.

With a lockable clip top lid the DRi is IP55 rated against dust and water and allows you to keep 4 way power extension bars protected even with timers.

Special features such as double soft seals on each wire, a 360 degree soft seal on the inside on inside of the lid and an individual strain relief on cables keeps everything safe and DRi. Made from UV stable polypropolene the DRi won’t fade or crack.