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Maxspect Recurve LED Lights

Maxspect Recurve R6-090 240W LED Lights


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A 240W light, perfect for tanks up to 4ft in length.

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Product Description

The Maxspect Recurve R6-090 is a 240W light, and ideal for tanks between 900mm (36″) and 1200mm (48″) long.

It is a revolutionary designed LED unit offering remarkable versatility in a sleek modern ‘Recurve’ shape. The Recurve, with never before seen variable geometry wings containing LED strips offers 4 channels of controllable colours and the ability to choose between wider coverage or deeper penetration.

Maxspect Recurves adjustable wings allow the user to choose between wider coverage for wider aquariums or increased penetration for deeper aquariums to punch down to the desired depth. The Recurves wings can be adjusted up to 30° to meet the needs of most aquariums and is a feature never seen in the aquatic market.




900 cm

Included Mounting

Tank Mount


240 W